Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. How do you use the app?

A. In AceBB 2.0 there is a help section within the application which will guide you!

Q. Which of the blue buttons do I pick?

A. If you are tech savvy or have any knowledge of cellphone towers, you should be able to determine which button to choose. If you are not tech savvy, in AceBB 2.0 there is a user-friendly Auto Detect button which will take out all of the guess work for you!

Q. Why do I have to reboot? Isn't it the same as refreshing the signal myself?

A. Once you select one of the buttons or use the Auto Detect button, you are telling the application to select a different 'baseband' or 'channel'. It is not refreshing your current signal, but rather connecting to a different 'baseband' or 'channel'.

Q. Is AceBB always running? How do I know when it's on?

A. In AceBB 2.0, the application only runs while connecting to a different baseband/channel or refreshing the signal of the current baseband/channel. Other than that, your connection should remain stable even without AceBB being on. If your connection drops or reduces, that's when you use AceBB and switch your baseband/channel or refresh the current one. The whole algorithm I have developed for AceBB saves battery as well.

Q. Why is it called AceBB?

A. I originally developed this application for a friend of mine who had a Samsung Galaxy Ace on U.S. Cellular's network. He never got a signal in his own house and had a weak signal while roaming. He requested that I create a network signal boosting application for him. Hence the "Ace" part. "BB" just stands for 'BaseBand' (or channel).

Q. Will AceBB drain my battery?

A. Not at all. If anything, it should increase battery life because it is maintaining a strong network signal. By maintaining a strong network signal, your device is working less and isn't straining to capture a signal from a cell tower (straining drains battery). Also, AceBB only runs when switching to a new baseband/channel or refreshing the current baseband/channel.

Q. Should I be worried about my privacy (the permissions seem fishy)?

A. The only permission that most users would consider "fishy" is the "Change APN Settings" permission. This permission is required to boost your EDGE, 2G, 3G, or 4G signal. All other permissions are standard for most applications!